$30 for 30 Days for New Members!

We have a beacon for Humana Vitality!

If you are participating in the Humana Vitality wellness program, please remember to check-in on the app to receive credit for attending class. Also, frequently check with us to see what upcoming events are "points eligible."

In addition to yoga, interval training, and pilates, we will offer evening classes on diet, nutrition, meditation, stress, addiction, acupuncture, and other wellness interests.

Check out some of our tips for your first time in the studio

Attention Virtus Clients!

  • Parking and entrance to the studio is located in the back of the building. 
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins to complete new student paperwork and to receive a proper welcoming to our studio.
  • Please check in with your instructor upon arrival. He or she can help you get checked in and settled in for your class. 
  • Athletic clothing is recommended – you will sweat! 
  • We have changing rooms and showers for your convenience - remember your towel. 
  • Hydrate! Before, during, and after class - we have water available for purchase at the studio if you forget yours. If you're attending a yoga class, start hydrating the day prior to class so that you don't become dehydrated during class. 
  • Eat light, and allow ample time between eating and exercising. Similar to the rule of thumb about not eating right before swimming, give your body less to digest while you're working out. 
  • New yogis, bring a mat and mat towel. If you forget either of these things, we always have them available to rent.
  • Remember that the most difficult part is simply walking through the studio door... we're here to encourage, motivate, and inspire you on your wellness journey!

 Welcome to our community.  Please, make yourself at home!

Welcome Newcomers!

       Helping Nashville's Children One Workout At A Time

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