Helping Nashville's Children One Workout At A Time

Their mission: Our mission is to bring the voices of children in need to the world - through music.

​Sing Me A Story has a certain process:

1. Children involved with organizations serving children in need are given the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about anything they want.

2. Those stories are then distributed to their  SMAS Songwriters through their  website,, who view the stories, turn them into songs based on the ideas presented in the stories, record them and send them back to the children by uploading them back to the site.

3. SMAS Jukebox Campaigns are then created for each song uploaded in an effort to raise money for the Partnering Organizations and Sing Me a Story. When fans contribute to the SMAS Jukebox Campaigns, they receive the song as an MP3 with their donation receipt.

Aspire is defined as seeking something great or of high value, to rise up, to soar.

This is exactly what we intend for the ASPIRE community.

ASPIRE was created from the motivation of Virtus Benefits, with support of other local businesses, to offer a place where people can come and experience different aspects of wellness – exercise, education, and relaxation.  As an employee benefits consulting firm, Virtus Benefits hears each day from CEOs, CFOs, and employees of all businesses how expensive medical care and insurance is and it is only becoming more expensive.   As a response to this, Aspire is a place where we help all people understand the relationship between living a healthy life and lower health care costs. 

It then became apparent to all who were part of creating ASPIRE to bring the mission to Nashville in an affordable way. Therefore we are operating it as Nashville’s first donation-based wellness studio.

The next and final priority was the decision to donate all profits of ASPIRE to local children's charities benefiting wellness to our under-served children. 

A thriving donation based wellness studio for all those in Nashville who ASPIRE to live a healthier lifestyle with profits directed to local children's charities benefiting wellness to our under-served kids.

Our Charities

Our Mission

Their mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

​Their focus is helping all young people succeed through curriculum based targeted programs and high yield activities designed to help members reach their priority outcomes:

  • Academic success
  • Good character and citizenship
  • Healthy lifestyles

Several after school and day care programs allow children between the ages of 5 and 18 to express themselves through physical activities as well as engaging, educational programs.

Check out the website for the middle Tennessee region and for the national organization:

Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

$30 for 30 Days for New Members!

ASPIRE seeks something great and of high value...

It is businesses of Nashville coming together to help people of Nashville
It is people of Nashville coming together to help themselves
It is all of Nashville coming together to help the under-served children of Nashville

ASPIRE Nashville… let us all rise up and soar

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